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Hostage Zero — Latest Read

My latest read was Hostage Zero by John Gilstrap. This is the second book in Gilstrap’s Johnathan Grave series. There are 14 books plus a prequel in this series so far. Gilstrap definitely stays true to form in the character arcs, the pace, and his prose style. Expect to continue on with this series over the next few months.

Hostage Zero by John Gilstrap

Hostage Zero

John Gilstrap

With his elite team of agents at Security Solutions, hostage rescue expert Jonathan Grave goes where the government can’t. Now he’s been called in to locate two teenage boys who have been kidnapped from a residential high school in Virginia. But tracking them down is just the beginning.
To keep them and his covert team alive, Grave plunges into the heart of an ugly secret whose insidious path reaches from one of the world’s most remote places into the highest corridors of power. And he must defeat enemies who are willing to kill to keep the truth from being revealed.

Released April 24, 2012
448 pages (print)

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