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My latest read was Hellfire by John Gilstrap. This is Book 12 in the Jonathan Grave series. This one brings back the hostage rescue theme of the early books in the series and blends it with the serious terrorist threat theme from later books.

Hellfire continues to build on many of the foundational elements of the series including the core characters and military tech. Some of the elements being used to enable the team to accomplish it’s mission are stretching way beyond believability. That said, it was still a fast enjoyable read.

Hellfire by John Gilstrap Cover


John Gilstrap

For hostage rescue specialist Jonathan Grave, every mission is a matter of life or death. But he faces his most personal challenge yet when two boys are abducted while being driven to Resurrection House, the school Jonathan founded as a sanctuary for children of incarcerated parents. The boys were entrusted to Jonathan’s care. Now they’re missing. It’s time to fight fire with fire . . .

The boys’ mom, Connie Kendall, is awaiting trial on drug smuggling charges. Prosecutors want her to testify against the brutal Cortez Cartel to help bring down their ruthless operations. If she cooperates, she’ll get an easier sentence. But with her kids in the grip of the cartel, her lips are sealed.

As Jonathan and his team of skilled operatives close in on the kidnappers, they realize that their enemies aren’t just hell-bent on selling drugs. Rival factions have even deadlier agendas. The clock is ticking on an attack that could kill thousands in a single breath. And it’s almost zero hour . . .

Released June 30, 2020
512 pages

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