Hell of a View — This Friday’s Song

This Friday’s song is Hell of a View by Eric Church. It is a romantic, mid-tempo ballad that harkens back to Church’s breakthrough hit, Springsteen. It features vocalist Joanna Cotten who in many ways makes the song. The single was released in November of 2020 and Church performed it at the 2020 CMA awards show. It is the lead single on Church’s album Soul which was released in April 2021. It hit #1 on the country charts in May 2021.

Church has always taken his own road in country music. He has had some songs like Springsteen and Talladega that are real favorites of mine. He has others that I didn’t like as much but is interesting to check in as he develops his body of work. I have added a number of his songs to my personal collection and playlists. Hell of a View is among them.

Soul by Eric Church

This ain’t for everybody

Toes hanging off the ledge

Like we got nothin’ to lose

Ain’t always heaven, baby

This livin’ on the edge

You holdin’ me holdin’ you

It’s a hell of a view 

Songwriters: Casey Beathard / Eric Church / Monty Criswell
Hell Of A View lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

This is the studio version. It was recorded in North Carolina. It’s interesting to watch some of the interactions between the band. Hope you enjoy Hell of a View by Eric Church.

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