Heart's Desire by Kip Moore

Heart’s Desire—This Friday’s Song

This Friday’s song is “Heart’s Desire” by Kip Moore. This song was released on Moore’s second studio album, Wild Ones, in August of 2015. Teresa and I started following Moore after we saw him perform with Eric Church in August 2012. He had released his first commercial singles and his first album, Up All Night, the year before. His second single. “Beer Money“, was a favorite of ours that we heard at the show and added to our iPod playlists.

Moore recently released “Crazy One More Time (Revisited),” a redo of a song originally released on Up All Night. I shared this as a This Friday’s Song back in April. I enjoyed this so much, I started having Alexa play more of his songs. Whiskeyriff also recently highlighted several of his “backlist” songs that were worth checking out.

Hope you enjoy “Heart’s Desire” by Kip Moore.

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