Happy Together at Savour Tallahassee

Happy Together — This Friday’s Song

The inspiration for this Friday’s song, “Happy Together” by The Turtles, was our monthly date night last Saturday. We went to Savour, one of our favorites in Tallahassee. I had noted it was a “date night” when I made the reservation. When they sat us at our table, they had a little note that said “Happy when we’re Together. “

Happy Together at Savour Tallahassee

“Happy Together”, the 1967 hit song by The Turtles, immediately came to mind. I found this version which is from their first appearance on Ed Sullivan Show on May 14th, 1967. Ed introduced them by saying “And now for all the youngsters watching all over the country, here is a group of youngsters playing their hit ‘Happy Together,’ here are The Turtles!”

The stage had a colorful psychedelic background with the word Turtles written in funky, wavy style. The band, consisting of Howard Kaylan (vocals), Mark Volman (guitar, saxophone, vocals), Al Nichol (guitar), Ronald Gostel (guitar), Jim Pons (bass) and John Barbata (drums), started off their performance with “Happy Together.” After, the group finished their act that night with “She’d Rather Be With Me.” I included that one as well.

I was in seventh grade and living in Saugus, MA when the song was released. Our class was the first 7th grade class to start at the new junior high school on dow Street. This building was later renamed Belmonte Junior High School after a local police officer who was killed in the line of duty. The Turtles were very hot in 1967 and 1968. I owned both these of these songs as 45 rpm records.

Hope you enjoy both of these hits by The Turtles.

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