Grace Kelly Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Grace Kelly on Sax — This Friday’s Song

Reading my latest Harry Bosch novel, The Burning Room. Harry is working on an unusual case with a new partner, Lucy Soto. He works till eight one night and stops in the Nickel Diner where he has a flat iron steak and bottle of Newcastle. He tops dinner off with their “infamous” maple-glazed bacon donuts. He stops by the Blue Whale jazz club (which unfortunately closed down at the end of 2020) to see who was playing. He is pleased that Grace Kelly, a young saxophonist who Harry through “…was channeling the late, great Frank Morgan, one of his favorite sax men.” In the story, Kelly closed the set with her rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

As I often do reading a Bosch novel, I asked Alexa to play some of Kelly’s music while I read. I had forgotten that I had heard Kelly when she was featured during the second season of the Bosch Series on Amazon. Thought I would share this version which is a medley of Amazing Grace and Somewhere Over the Rainbow and the scene from the TV show.

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