Miami from the Air July 2021

Flying again…

Teresa and I took our first flight in over two years this week. It was just a short flight on American Eagle from Tallahassee down to Miami. I had a business meeting and Teresa was able to take some time off to join me. It looked like the flight might get canceled due to Tropical Storm Elsa, but it took a westerly enough track that we were able to fly out first thing Tuesday morning.

Headed to Miami
Tropical Storm Elsa July 2021

Everything on the flight down was pretty easy. Tallahassee is a small airport that is near our home. We drove and parked in the long-term lot. I did forget some basic packing rules and had to dump a brand new can of shaving cream that was too big. WE didn’t get impacted by the weather and were in Miami right on time. As we taxied in, we passed one of the jets of the relaunched Eastern Airlines. My dad was an Eastern employee and I know he would be smiling to see “The Wings of Man” back in the air again.

Miami from the Air July 2021
Eastern Airlines Livery Miami 2021

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