First Visit to Brother Fox Pensacola

We wrapped up this quick trip to Pensacola with a first visit to Brother Fox. Chef Darian Hernandez specializes in wood-fired Spanish-influenced dishes that blend traditional and contemporary elements. The restaurant had recently received national attention which is how I discovered it when I was looking for some new places to eat on this trip.

The restaurant is located in a former church in an older residential section just outside of downtown. The building has been restored and is the home to a boutique hotel and the restaurant. There was free on-street parking right in front of the restaurant. The main room has an elegant, but comfortable feel. There is also a great seating area outside.

Designed for Sharing

Our server Grant came over just after we were seated to take us through the menu. It has has both small-plate tapas and larger plate dishes. It is definitely designed for sharing. They have a happy hour menu where you can get small versions of the tapas so you can try 3-4. We decided to do that. We got the patatas bravas, chorizo, and manchego.These are definitely only small tasting plates.

Carne Asada for Two

For our main, we ordered the Prime Skirt Steak Asada. This is 2 pounds carne asada, wood-fired, with tortillas, grilled onion and piquillo peppers. It is definitely designed for two people. The meat was cooked well with a fantastic char. The tortillas were also wood-fired. The onions were sweet and the peppers were also well done. Our only critique was they gave us five tortillas instead of six (or maybe eight?).

You will notice there was a grilled whole fresh jalapeño on the dish as well. I cut it, removed the seeds, and added a slice to my first wrap. It was pretty intense. I had to take out about half and give up the fight.

Prime Skirt Steak Asada
Prime Skirt Steak Asada
Fresh Grilled Jalapeno Pepper
Fresh Grilled Jalapeno Pepper



We decided to wrap up the meal with the churros. These are one of Teresa’s favorites and it is hard to find them authentically done. It didn’t hurt that my mouth was craving sugar after its encounter with the jalapeño. It was the perfect finish to a great meal. We were happy we had chosen Brother Fox for our wrap-up night in Pensacola.

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