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Final Target — Latest Read

My latest read was Final Target by John Gilstrap. This is the ninth book in the Jonathan Grave series. This entry follows the same formula as the earlier books in the series. This story is centered on the Rescue of a kidnapped DEA agent in Mexico. Like the earlier books, things get complicated. This was another fast, enjoyable read.

Final Target by John Gilstrap

Final Target

John Gilstrap

Jonathan Grave and his partner Boxers have just been given the kind of suicide mission they specialize in. Dropping into the Mexican jungle, they must infiltrate a drug cartel’s compound and extract a kidnapped DEA agent. But when Grave and Boxers retrieve the hostage and return to the exfil point, all hell breaks loose.
Ambushed, abandoned, and attacked on all sides, their only hope of survival lies inside a remote orphanage where innocent children have been targeted for death. Even if Grave can lead the others to safety across a hundred miles of treacherous, enemy-filled jungle, he can’t shake the feeling that something bigger is at play. A vast conspiracy of international power players who take no prisoners—and leave no survivors.

Released June 27, 2017
486 pages

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