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Fallout: Expeditionary Force #13

Just finished Fallout by Craig Alanson. This is book #13 in the Expeditionary Force series. I read the first book in this series in July 2021. I picked it up again in July 2022. I decided to stick with it and read at least one of the books every month to stay immersed in the story. This one leverages all the elements that Alanson has used to make this an enjoyable series.

Cover of Fallout by Craig Alanson

Fallout: Expeditionary Force #13

Craig Alanson

The problem with lying about having a super weapon is that the bad guys might believe they have nothing to lose by doing something stupid that both sides will regret. Or, they might just call your bluff. Either way, the Merry Band of Pirates need a plan to deal with the Fallout.

Released December 5, 2021
556 pages

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