Exploring Amelia Island

Teresa and I spent Labor Day weekend exploring Amelia Island. Although short, this was a well-needed break that we had put off for a while. We had never been to northeast Florida before. We planned this trip earlier in the summer. We got a little scare when a hurricane decided to target northern Florida the day before we were supposed to leave. Fortunately, it missed Tallahassee and Jacksonville. They did close I-10 between the two cities on Wednesday night, so it looked like the trip might get complicated. They reopened it early Thursday morning, so we headed out for our trip. There was a lot of damage for 10-15 miles north of Perry on the interstate. Fortunately, it looked like the state government and local communities had the right resources marshaled. There were teams working all along the impacted area as we drove through.

The Omni Resort

I was able to snag a great rate for our four-day weekend at the Omni Amelia Island Resort. It is a beautiful property located on the beach on the southern end of the island. We had a great room on a high floor with a fabulous ocean view. The staff had champagne, strawberries, and flowers waiting for Teresa when we arrived. It was an awesome start to our holiday weekend.

The Beach

The beaches on Amelia Island are wide with soft white sand and set-back dunes running along most of the eastern shore of the island. The beach slopes gradually down from the waterline. You have to be out 20 to 30 yards before it starts getting deep. The beaches are very clean. The surf is not really high, but it does push you around. Teresa and I got to spend some relaxed time together in the water.

Downtown Fernandina Beach

Downtown Fernandina Beach is a fifty-block historic district. The commercial area is mostly brick buildings and the residential has a large number of Victorian homes.

A Sunrise Ride

Surprised Teresa with a ride on the beach at sunrise. Lots of fun.

A Twilight River Tour

We decided to relax and explore the river.

The Food

We had some great meals while we were on Amelia Island. We visited Cafe Karibo in downtown Fernandina Beach for lunch right after we got to the island on Thursday. We had a fabulous blackened Mahi Mahi sandwich with fries. You can read more about it here. After our lunch, we had to stop at Nana Teresa’s Bakeshop to try the macaroons. We had dinner at España Restaurant and Tapas Menu our first night. You can read about that here. The food highlight of the week was a dinner at Salt at the Ritz Carlton. It was just fabulous. You can read about it here.

Our Take

We had a fabulous long weekend. The Omni experience and staff took very good care of us. The town itself is a bit more “touristy” than “quaint”, but we enjoyed exploring. We had some great food. Teresa’s wall to wall smile when we pulled up for our horseback ride made the whole trip for me. We also just got a bit of “relax” time which was definitely needed by both of us.

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