Expeditionary Force 4,5,6 — Latest Reads

My latest “read” was actually the next three books in Craig Alanson’s Expeditionary Force series. I started the series back in 2021 and then picked it back up this year. Since there are fourteen books in the series and a spinoff, I decided to focus on it for a bit.

Expeditionary Force is a space opera about how humanity is thrust into a galactic war following an alien invasion of Earth. The chief protagonists are Joe Bishop, a soldier in the United States Army, and Skippy, an advanced Artificial intelligence from an ancient civilization who befriends Joe. Alanson’s “world-building” and story arcs are well done, but the best part of the series is the interaction between the two main characters.

I am continuing to enjoy the series and recommend it for anyone who likes the genre.

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