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Everywhere by Christine McVie— This Friday’s Song

This Friday’s song had to be one by Christine McVie. The prolific songwriter for Fleetwood Mac penned so many songs that are my favorites, it was almost impossible to chose. I finally decided on “Everywhere” which was released in 1987 on The Tango In the Night album. I chose two videos to share this week. The first is the original video from when the song was released and the second was the live recording that was done to create The Dance album in 1997.

Ok, I was kidding. I can’t really pick just one of her songs, so here are some of my other favorites. The first is “Don’t Stop” from 1977 when the song was released on the Rumors album. The second is “You Make Loving Fun” which is also from The Dance album released in 1997.

No collection of Christine McVie’s songs would be complete without “Songbird”. The band usually ended their concerts with it, so seems like the right choice here as well. Here is the official audio and a live version.

Fleetwood Mac has been a favorite of mine since I was in my twenties. When I was travelling extensively, they were always a part of my playlists on long flights, when I was exploring a new city, or just winding down after a 14 hour workday. I listened to them when I was celebrating and when I was sad. I had “crushes” on both Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie over the years. These songs were a memorable part of my life’s journey. Hope you enjoy.

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