Death Row by Thomas Rhett

Death Row by Thomas Rhett — This Friday’s Song

This Friday’s Song is “Death Row” by Thomas Rhett. The song features Tyler Hubbard and Russell Dickerson. This was released earlier this month and will be included on Rhett’s upcoming LP Where We Started which will be released April 1. The song is based on a visit the three artists made to a prison in Nashville. Rhett co-wrote the song with Ashley Gorley and Zach Crowell.

One of ’em’s name was Johnny

Ain’t touched the grass in thirty years

Maybe, I ain’t supposed to feel sorry, naw

But it ’bout brought me to tears

Then it hit me, we’re all human

Ain’t always proud of what we’ve done

Everybody’s days are numbered

Only difference is they all know which one

We talked huntin’, we talked fishin’

Like I do with boys back home

How Jesus is the ticket

And narrow is the road

About how all we need’s forgiveness

‘Fore we see them streets of gold

Yeah, I learned a lot about livin’ from them boys down on death row

Songwriters: Ashley Gorley / Thomas Rhett / Zach Crowell
Death Row lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

When this showed up on my YouTube subscriptions earlier this month, I thought it was a great example of how American country music can tell a story, touch your heart, and make you think. I don’t think this song will enjoy the commercial success that many of Rhett’s songs have seen, but it reflects the strength and depth of country music like the classic “Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash and “Sing Me Back Home” by Merle Haggard did before it.

I have included the video and the “story behind the song” that they did. Think they are both worth a watch if you have time. Hope you enjoy “Death Row” by Thomas Rhett.

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