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Damage Control — Latest Read

Finished up my latest read, Damage Control by John Gilstrap, on Thursday night. This is Book 4 in the Jonathan Grave Thriller series. In this “episode”, a group of teenage missionaries and their adult sponsors have been taken hostage in Mexico. Graves and his team are hired by the head of the sponsoring church to deliver a three million dollar ransom and bring the hostages home safely. Like the earlier books in the series, the story things get much more “complicated.” The story is structured on the primary elements and tropes of the series (good guys vs bad guys, deep military tech, lots of violence). It doesn’t do a lot of develop the main characters, although it starts to open up exploring some of the moral issues they have to deal with. So enjoyable enough if you enjoy the genre and the specific story arc Gilstrap has created.

Cover of Damage Control by John Gilstrap  with pic from inside the US Capitol rotunda in background

Damage Control

John Gilstrap

Jonathan Grave Thrillers Book 4

They were on a mission trip to Mexico to help with earthquake recovery. But in Ciudad Juarez, the busload of well-meaning adults and teenagers became hostages. The ransom demands of their captors are explicit: deliver three million dollars–with zero involvement from law enforcement–or all captives will be executed. But rescue specialist Jonathan Grave doesn’t believe in ultimatums.
For Grave and his elite team at Security Solutions, it’s all about protecting the innocent. When the delicate situation explodes in violence, he must flee with the survivors. Now Grave must face the chilling possibility that someone within the U.S. government has a deadly secret to protect–one that could jeopardize national security like never before. . .

Released October 24, 2011
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