Florida State University Diploma

Congratulations Ryan!

One of those memorable moments in life happened for the Fleming family this week. Our son Ryan received his diploma from Florida State University. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He “paid” for most of his own education by qualifying for a Florida Bright Futures Scholarship. He “exceeded” me in both these areas which makes this father very proud of his son.

Ryan stayed focused and performed well throughout his time at college despite the complications of having to transfer when we moved to Tallahassee during his freshman year and a global pandemic for the last two years. He was often frustrated that the program did not focus on developing the kind of knowledge and skills that would enable him to solve “real world” problems. As he looked at his diploma, he talked about how happy he was to have college behind him. You could clearly see that he felt the leadership and many in the faculty at FSU had let him, his fellow students, their parents, and the taxpayers of Florida down.

Ryan has been working with me to help build our business at Outcome Labs throughout his college career. Now that he has graduated, he will be taking a bigger role in the company. He is also probably going to get full time job to get more experience working in a “commercial” environment. I know he will be fabulous at whatever challenge he takes on.

Congratulations Ryan. TeTe and I love you very much and are so proud of you!

Ryan shows off his college diploma

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