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Just finished Coming Dawn by Steven Konkoly. This new release is the second book in his Devin Grey series. This was another well-crafted techno-thriller. The story is very fast-paced and action packed. The story arcs of the primary characters continued to develop. Like Tom Clancy, Konkoly’s use of military technology is realistic and his plotlines are reflective of current geopolitical realities. the third book is the series, Wide Awake, is planned for next summer. I amy check out some of his other series which feature some of the same characters before then.

Coming Dawn by Steven Konkoly

Coming Dawn

Steven Konkoly

Devin Grey Book 2

When CIA officer Helen Gray died, her son, Devin, a countersurveillance expert, inherited her paranoia—and the explosive evidence that gave it weight: a vast, previously undetected Russian sleeper network has operated in the United States since the Cold War.

The cells aren’t just embedded in every level of state and federal government. They’ve penetrated corporations that supply crucial technology to the Department of Defense and various intelligence agencies. With the network’s true scope still unknown, the only way to drive a stake through the heart of the conspiracy is to dispatch a covert crew to Moscow and eliminate the oligarch bankrolling it.

Russia’s endgame: inconceivable. Devin’s challenge: stop the greatest threat to national security and world peace in history. The margin for error: nonexistent.

Released October 25, 2022
373 pages

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