Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk Quote — If We Can…

Thanks to Tim Ferris for suggesting this quote by Chuck Palahniuk.

“If we can forgive what’s been done to us… If we can forgive what we’ve done to others… If we can leave our stories behind. Our being victims and villains. Only then can we maybe rescue the world.

Chuck Palahnuik
Chuck Palahniuk
Photo by Leah Nash—The Guardian

I have never read Palahniuk. I downloaded a sample of The Fight Club to see if it should be added to the Want To Read list for 2021. I missed the movie that made this novel part of popular culture, so will be doing some reading of the “surrounds” to decide. Here is an interview from The Guardian I started with. The photo above taken by Leah Nash comes from the article.

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