Chef’s Table Pizza — What We’re Watching

We started watching Chef’s Table on Netflix last week (more on that in another post). Even though this series launched in 2015, we had never watched it. Teresa didn’t want to watch the next episode today, so we decided to watch the first episode of the “spinoff”, Chef’s Table Pizza instead.

Like the original series, each episode of Chef’s Table Pizza is focused on the story of a chef. The first episode of this series features Chris Bianco, an award winning chef from Phoenix, Arizona. Bianco has a unique approach to ingredients and technique that has made his Phoenix pizzeria the home of what critics deem the best pies in the world.

In Chef’s Table Pizza, the showrunners tell a story that blends the chef’s professional journey, their food, and their personal life in a way that can be very engaging. This is definitely the case with Chris Bianco. If you haven’t seen it yet, we definitely recommend watching this episode. We will be watching more episodes of the show and will share anything we think really stands out.

You do not know how much we want to hop a flight to Phoenix to try one of Bianco’s pies.

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