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Burning Angel — Latest Read

My latest read was Burning Angel by James Lee Burke. This is the eighth book in the Dave Robicheaux series. This entry has a fairly complex plot with multiple crimes and villains.

Burning Angel by James Lee Burke

Burning Angel

James Lee Burke

The Fontenot family has lived as sharecroppers on Bertrand land for as long as anyone can remember. So why are they now being forced from their homes? And what does the murder of Della Landry—the girlfriend of New Orleans fixer Sonny Boy Marsallus—have to do with it?

Marsallus’s secrets seem tied to those of the Fontenots. But can Detective Dave Robicheaux make sense of it all before more bodies drop? In James Lee Burke’s intense and powerful crime novel, Robicheaux digs deep into the bad blood and dirty secrets of Louisiana’s past—while confronting a ragtag alliance of local mobsters and a hired assassin . . .

Released February 24, 2014
468 pages

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