Beautiful World by Kenny Chesney

Beautiful World — This Friday’s Song

It has been a tough summer. The pandemic that we hoped would be behind us has morphed into new, more virulent forms. The number of people who have gotten seriously ill, needed to be hospitalized, or died since the start of the summer is daunting and breaks your heart. As I write this, one of the people I really admire from the time I lived in the Florida Keys, Monroe County Commissioner Mike Forester, is fighting for his life at Baptist Hospital. Mike is a successful entrepreneur, a dedicated civic leader, and a man who has shown, over and over again, that one person can make a real difference in their community and in people’s lives.

On top of the terrible cost in human life being inflicted by this awful disease, it also continues to cause serious economic disruption and personal hardship. Sadly, rather than this deadly challenge bringing us together, it seems to just be yet another reason for people to demonize and hate their fellow citizens. It just makes you sad.

Despite this or maybe because of it, I thought the new song by Kenny Chesney, “Beautiful World”, would be a great choice for this Friday’s song. The video was released at the end of August 2021. “Beautiful World” is one of four new tracks featured on Chesney’s Here And Now Deluxe album. It was recorded during the beginning stages of the 2020 shutdowns. 

In the “Beautiful World” video, we get to join Chesney in reveling in the magnificent beauty of the world that surrounds us and the little moments in life that can sometimes be taken for granted. From the “blue sky days you don’t wanna miss,” to the “Jukebox dances and girls to kiss,” Chesney is soaking up everything that life has to offer. 

Hope you enjoy “Beautiful World”. Take a moment to reflect on the true wonder of creation. Maybe take another and ask yourself if you are doing everything you can to make it a beautiful world for everyone you can.

It’s a big old beautiful world out there
Sometimes, you just gotta let it take you where
The roller coaster ride meets the tilt-a-whirl
It’s a big old beautiful world

Songwriters: Tom Douglas / Tony Lane / David Lee Murphy

Since I drafted this post last week, we found out that Mike Forester lost his battle against this terrible disease this past Monday morning. If you have doubts about whether one person can really make a difference in the world, take a minute to watch. The world is poorer today after Mike’s passing, but I know he would tell us just how precious and beautiful life is and to make the most of every moment.

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