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My latest read was Against All Enemies by John Gilstrap. This is book 7 in the Jonathan Grave series. Unlike most of the previous books in the series, this one does not focus on a hostage rescue. In this story, Graves and his team hunt down a former member of the Special Forces unit he served in. He is suspected of killing American agents and leaking sensitive information to hostile foreign interests. He is also the husband and father of a mother and son that Graves and his team rescued in an earlier book.

This has all of the elements of a Jonathan Grave story. It features the same central set of characters, lots of action, suspense, and military tech. The storyline is fast-paced, but it is a bit predictable. It builds off contemporary political themes. It is an ok entry in the series. I will still interested enough to continue.

Against All Enemies by John Gilstrap

Against All Enemies

John Gilstrap

Hostage rescue specialist Jonathan Grave doesn’t surprise easily. But he finds it hard to believe that a fellow combat vet has gone rogue, killing American agents and leaking sensitive intel to hostile foreign interests. With black ops assassins on the trail of his old friend, Grave sets out to get to him first…and finds far more than he bargained for. 
Catching up with the wily operative puts Grave on the trail of a dangerous and far-reaching conspiracy. Worst of all, the unthinkable tragedy at its center is in motion. Now Grave and his elite team of specialists must expose a deadly high-level secret —and do it in time to avert a catastrophe of historic proportions.

Released July 1, 2015
283 pages

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