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My latest read was Aftermath by Craig Alanson. This is Book 16 in Alanson’s Expeditionary Force series. It was just released on December 13, 2023. The prior book, Failure Mode, was supposed to be the last book in the series. When Alenson announced there would be a book 16 earlier this year, I was afraid it would be an attempt to “wrap up” the series like the disappointing last episode of the Game Of Thrones series on HBO. Fortunately, this was not that.

Unlike the first fifteen books of the series, Alanson jumps forward eight years in this new installment. Alanson uses this gap to essentially kick off a whole new phase in this series. Joe and Skippy are still at the center of the action. Several characters from the earlier books play key roles. Some major characters make only minor appearances or are just mentioned. A significant new threat to the galaxy is revealed.

It is always hard to tell if an ongoing story like this can bridge to a new story line. Most are not successful. It will be interesting to see what Alanson can do.

Aftermath by Craig Alanson Cover


Craig Alanson

What happens in the wake of FAILURE MODE?

The AFTERMATH of a stunning victory, especially an unexpected, complete and final victory, should be High-Fives all around, listening to politicians give boring congratulatory speeches, and a well-deserved rest for the Merry Band of Pirates. Yes, the galaxy is still a freakin’ mess but that is nothing new, and for a change, that can be someone else’s problem.

Until, you know, something really BAD happens, and only the Pirates can deal with the problem.
Or not.

Released December 13, 2023
697 pages

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