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A Few Hours of ‘Almost’ Normal…

Wife and I got to have a few hours that seemed ‘almost’ normal today. We ran several long overdue errands.Went to the barber, picked up some Christmas gifts, exchanged a propane tank, picked up a prescription, grabbed a coffee at Starbucks, dropped off some new jeans to be hemmed at the tailor, and got fitted for some new dress slacks. We even got to enjoy a quick lunch at one of our favorite sandwich spots, The Hawthorne Bistro and Bakery.

All of the businesses we went to were following the county mandated protocols on masks, density, social distancing, and cleaning. Other customers seemed to be abiding by the same and everyone was pretty patient and accommodating of those around them. We were masked up and washed our hands or used hand sanitizer after every stop. Teresa has even broken my habit of touching my face.

I know we have it easier here in Tallahassee than in many parts of the country where density and infection rates require more restrictive regimens. I also know how lucky we are that Teresa, Ryan, and I are all together and that my in-laws live in our downstairs apartment. I spoke with two older family members in Boston in the past few days who are much more vulnerable and isolated. They are remaining positive despite being very lonley. Please take the time to touch those you love every day.

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