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500th Journal Post

This is my 500th post here on my personal journal. I launched this site just over four and a half years ago primarily as a way to verify if the WordPress Block Editor had matured enough to start using it for client projects. It had been integrated into core in December 2018 in WordPress 5.0. I had been using a couple of the leading page builders for projects and was excited about having this kind of capability built directly into the platform.

As I got the journal built, the block editor checked a lot of the boxes I had on our site-building toolkit. The initial version was built with the Astra theme which had gained a lot of traction in the market. I was also using a block library from the same developer, Brainstorm Force. I tested a number of other block libraries as they were released. One of these was Stackable that had a really sophisticated design approach. I was also actively evaluating new commercial themes as they were launched. One of these was Blocksy from Creative Themes. It had been built by a team that clearly understood the challenges we faced in creating sites and it was optimized to work with the Block Editor. I migrated this site to it and it became part of our toolkit for new projects. I am currently building a Block Theme to evaluate if they will become part of our toolset going forward.

Beyond its use for education and technology evaluation, the site really has become a “journal.” ” I had tried both hand-written and digital approaches before, but could never get into the “habit.” I have been able to do that here. I have used it to share music, books, food and travel experiences, cool stuff, and occasionally, my perspectives. I hadn’t really expected it, but it has become a regular thing that I enjoy.

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